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Online Nitrox Classes and Certification starting at $99.95   

Discount eLearning internet online nitrox classes (also known as enriched air nitrox EAN) are becoming very popular.  We are pleased to offer several discounted eLearning online nitrox scuba classes and options - all of which are through established and recognized certification agencies including PADI and NASE.  Unlike some other internet online nitrox dive classes that do not offer a certification from a known and established agency, ours will not only be recognized but we offer more with our online nitrox classes.  As a student of ours, you will also have access to our free private nitrox instructional lesson forum where you can read information on many aspects of nitrox that most courses (online or otherwise) do not go into.  You can also ask questions on our nitrox class forum that a nitrox and technical dive instructor will answer.  There is no time limit for using our nitrox forum so you can come back even after you've been diving enriched air nitrox for awhile.  We also have videos to help you understand enriched air nitrox that are not offered elsewhere as well as a free graduation present.  So you will receive added value with our internet online nitrox certification class as compared to others.

If you are searching for an online nitrox certification class, then you are probably aware of the benefits of enriched air nitrox such as vastly increasing your allowable underwater time as well as not absorbing as much nitrogen that causes decompression sickness.  Taking an online nitrox class for your lessons is a wonderful way to learn nitrox since you have already learned basic scuba skills in your other scuba diving classes.

Online Nitrox Class Requirements

To get your internet online nitrox certification you will not need to do any dives since nitrox is simply understanding what you are breathing and no dives are needed to learn that.  However, you will need still need to do a small easy hands on practical of analyzing some actual nitrox cylinders just as you would in a regular classroom setting.  This is so you have the real experience needed to start your own nitrox dives.  You will be required to do this with any legitimate and recognized online nitrox certification which we agree with and endorse.  This is done simply by calling some dive stores and asking what their rates are for doing the online nitrox practical (free if done in person with us).  You can also do this while you are on vacation.  If you need help, we will help you find an authorized enriched air nitrox instructor.  An instructor from any certification agency (PADI, NASE, SSI, NAUI, SDI, etc) can do your practical.  But it is suggested that you call and find out prices beforehand as we have seen these fluctuate widely including some PADI stores charging a full nitrox course price to just do the practical even when a diver has taken the PADI online course.  You should also confirm that there is a nitrox instructor that will do the laboratory practical as we have found some areas make incorrect claims that they can only do a practical if you take their full nitrox class or do it through their agency - which is incorrect, but if they won't do it then it is best to know.  If you happen to be going on vacation, we have found most resorts to be very helpful in doing the nitrox practical for you, but this still should be confirmed and they may have questions on what you need done.  This is discussed further at the bottom of this web page.

PADI Nitrox Class

So now that you understand what is involved with your elearning internet nitrox certification class, you may wonder which certification agency class you should take.  We offer both NASE and PADI elearning online nitrox enriched air classes.  Both offer a quality online enriched air nitrox class.  If you are a devoted PADI diver, then you may want to stay with PADI and take PADI's eLearning nitrox class so you will receive a PADI nitrox card.  If you are also working towards your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating (not Dive Master), then the PADI's elearning online nitrox certification class will count as one of your required 5 PADI specialties.  But any 5 PADI specialties will count and a PADI nitrox certification class is not required.  Often divers will have 5 other PADI specialties or would prefer to pay $187.50 for a specialty they actually get to dive (instead of just a video type class that comes with the PADI nitrox class), or they simply may not be striving for the PADI master scuba diver rating.

NASE Nitrox Class

The NASE online nitrox certification class is the cheapest, most discounted and actually includes 2 levels of nitrox certifications where you can obtain a Nitrox Level 2 certification.  You may receive both certification level cards if you would like or we will just certify you at the highest level otherwise.  NASE (National Academy of Scuba Educators) is a smaller progressive certification agency (also known as WASI in other countries [World Association of Scuba Instructors]) that that has been providing quality instruction and materials since 1982.  The PADI elearning online nitrox class costs $187.50 and the price for the NASE online nitrox course is $99.95.  Another difference between the classes is PADI requires a diver to be 12 years old where NASE requires one to be at least 16 years old.  Needless to say, the NASE online nitrox class is our most popular class due to the price, materials and the Nitrox Diver Level 2 certification.  But no matter which class you choose, we will are here to assist you through our free private nitrox forum, email or even through the phone.  So this is a very personalized cheap and discounted online nitrox class.

WE ARE TEMPORARILY NOT OFFERING THE NASE CLASS DUE TO OUR BUSY SCHEDULE THAT IS PREVENTING US FROM THE ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT REQUIRED IN THE CLASS.  Please email us (see bottom of page) if you would like to be informed when we are offering this again.  This should not be too long.

PADI certification class, course and lessons

NASE elearning PADI online nitrox class logbook
Minimum age 16 12
Online Nitrox Price $99.95 $187.50
   Optional NASE Nitrox Level Diver II
(no additional charge)
Fee for Certification Card with Picture $18 appx $20 to $35
Nitrox Learning Forum free free
Optional Deluxe 3 Ring Zippered Log Binder $17.25 $25.00
Optional Logbook $12.00 $15.00
PADI elearning online nitrox class NASE PADI elearning online internet nitrox lessons

To get started with your NASE or PADI eLearning nitrox class, simply choose which lesson package you want to purchase.  You will then be sent to PayPal for your purchase.  If you are not familiar with PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account and may simply use your credit or debit card through their site.  We will then email you your online nitrox eLearning access code along with instructions along with other required paperwork.

As discussed above, once you finish your NASE or PADI nitrox class you will need to do a short practical with an authorized nitrox instructor.  Common pricing for this is $35 to $50 but varies with the store or instructor (and can be more ... free if done in person with us).  These are often done individually with you and not as part of a group class.  The practical includes the instructor showing you how to analyze a nitrox scuba cylinder and then assisting you and watching you analyze a couple of different nitrox cylinders as well as filling out a sample nitrox fill log.  They may also have you calculate a dive scenario using a table or have you program a nitrox blend into a dive computer if you have one - all of which they will help you with.  We can also assist you with that via Skype.  If you take PADI's online nitrox course, you may find it most convenient to find a PADI store.  If you choose NASE's online nitrox course, it will be treated as a referral and an instructor from any agency can then do the practical.  The instructor will then sign the eLearning nitrox referral papers and after you send them back to us we will issue you your personal NASE or PADI nitrox certification card.  You will of course need to email us a digital picture for your nitrox certification card.

PADI class, lessons, certification course

To start your NASE or PADI discounted cheap online nitrox lessons, just fill in the following.

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